Someone (someone awesome/probably mean) thought it was a good idea to put famously angry tong and fork-wielding man Gordon Ramsey on a reality competition show featuring child contestants. Swearing (predictably) ensued. For the aid of joke-conveyance, I will be capitalizing and asterisking all cooking related puns in this post.

Famously FIERY chef Gordon Ramsey is in HOT WATER again after subjecting child contestants on his new MasterChef Kids show to some SALTY language. According to Canada's Globe & Mail, even the presence of children — all of whom were 13 or under — was unsuccessful in POUTINE a stop to his SAUCINESS.

Ramsay was ratted out by a young contestant named Sarah, aged 12, who claims she’s not the least bit afraid of the blustery Brit. “He can’t be really mean because we’re kids,” she said at the recent TV critics tour.

Apparently Ramsay simply wasn’t able to control himself. According to Sarah, he swore not just once, but twice, during the taping of the series last summer.

The STEAKS are high with live TV, and they're even higher now that Ramsey's London restaurant has been PANNED big time; it's lost its Michelin stars, a RARE move by the entity that issues them. Slate speculates Ramsey's demanding schedule has left him emotionally FRIED and that REDUCING his commitments will keep his sanity from being completely BATTERED.

Well, you know what they say about not being able to take the heat.

I have a headache.

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