GOP Wisconsin Senate Candidate Tommy Thompson says he got into politics because his wife loves to shop. Yes, because she likes to rack up bills like a woman, she implored him to get back into politics and bring home the bacon. Yes, bring home the bacon so she can buy more bacon. And shoes. And chocolate. ACK!!!

I don't know if these Republicans could be more clueless about women voters? I'm trying to imagine what that would look like exactly? Also, just logistically, his wife should know that it's not like he's gonna be printing papers. Don't get me wrong, Senators make roughly $175,000, so it's not like he's busking or whatever, but if she wants to get that sweet government cheese, girl should encourage him to go into consulting or lobbying.

Oh, wait, he already did that. I guess between all that lobbying he did for the, WHAT AMERICANS NEED IS TO EAT MORE MEAT AND TAKE MORE PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS council, or whoever, Thompson decided he wanted more than just tons of money for selling his soul, he also wants political recognition. Ugh.

Well, maybe his wife just wants to get his dumb ass out of the house? That's most likely what's happening here.


Wisconsin Senate Candidate Tommy Thompson Had to Be A Lobbyist Because "My Wife Likes To Shop" [The Broad Side]