Curtis’ full response:

“The Supreme Court...all they did was said [sic] there’s no right to an abortion in the Constitution, which then pushed this issue down to the states. Now look, I get it—if you’re a woman, it stinks that most of these legislators are men. Most of these decisions are made by men. I wish it were other than that. I wish as a man, I didn’t have to make this decision. I wish women could make this decision.

And that being said, it falls on state legislatures to thoughtfully decide in their state what they want to do. State legislators are responsible to the people in the state. There’s far more accountability on the state level than there is on the federal level. It’s harder to get a federal law changed or versus a state law. And as we watch this play out across the United States, I think you’re gonna see legislatures take different positions. That’s the beauty of states’ rights. And as a federal legislator, I quite frankly, believe that’s where it shouldn’t be.”


Hey John, women could make this decision if Roe were still on the books! And interesting that you claim state legislatures are more accountable to voters, yet they still aren’t representative of voters.

Somehow, neither the moderator or Wright followed up to ask whether Curtis would vote for a national abortion ban if Republicans regain the House this fall.


The race is not competitive, with Curtis up by 25 points right now. Sorry to anyone who this man represents in Congress.