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In this week's GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow shares her favorite novels! And those of close friends... like Madonna and Christy Turlington.

First: let it be said that since we started lampooning Ms. Paltrow's literary efforts, we've received some very nice letters from ladies who have had personal experiences with Gwynnie and have found her to be kind and generous. And we can hardly fault this week's earnest dispatch: it's downright democratic! After all, we're certainly all for book-larnin'! And we agree, The Sheltering Sky is really good, even if it didn't get recommended to us by Ethan Hawke! And it's sort of interesting that Madonna (who "rules the world, is a loyal friend and a terrific mother") liked The Time Traveler's Wife so much. And that someone named "Aunt Louise" loves Tolstoy! The list reads like a veritable "summer reading" table of paperback classics, and we like the idea of some earnest fangirl conscientiously loading up an Amazon cart with Great Books on Gwynnie's orders. Hell, we're feeling so benevolent towards the Duets doyenne that we'd like to extend our own Jezebel reading list by way of inspiration. Because that kind of low-rent self-referential narcissism, we understand! [GOOP]

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I've just changed my profile picture to the cover of the book that needs to be on everyone's must-read lists:

I bet there's plenty of goop in it, Gwyneth.