Google Launches ‘Legalize Love’ Campaign to Ease Discrimination of Gays Around the World

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A global mega-company that can peer into our very souls and exploit our deepest, darkest secrets for financial gain — known to us mortals as "Google" — officially launched its "Legalize Love" campaign on Saturday, which is aimed at making it legal to be lesbian, gay, or bisexual in countries where being gay currently is either illegal or severely restricted by anti-gay laws and a homophobic culture. Google will initially focus on Poland and Singapore, but plans to spread the campaign in every country it has an office.


Gay Star News reports that Google will try to implement a country-by-country strategy, working with local and international organizations to lobby foreign governments and change legislation that makes being gay illegal. Though Google's Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe admits the company will face a not insignificant number of obstacles to its new initiative, he believes that, eventually, the "Legalize Love" campaign will be good for Google's bottom-line, allowing the company build strong ties with grassroots organizations and NGOs around the world and also to hire the very best international employees, regardless of their sexual orientation. And, despite the challenges involved in such an undertaking, Bob Amnnibale, an openly gay executive at Citi, told fellow panelists at Friday's Global LGBT Workplace Summit in London that Google has the unique capacity to quickly disseminate its message to a huge number of people around the world. Because Google is omnipotent, all hail mighty Google.

Google Starts Campaign to Legalize Homosexuality Abroad [Business Insider]

Google to launch global bid to ‘Legalize Love' for gays [Gay Star News]

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see you in rach-hell only comments on tswift now

DAMN, I wish I hadn't defriended my douchebag acquaintance on Facebook. He's very conservative to the point where he boycotted Nabisco due to Oreo's rainbow cookie thing on Pride Day, and I told him I was boycotting ignorance and defriending him. Really wish I could see what his friends are saying now, since he's been pissing people off left and right (no pun intended) for months with his craziness.

I am interested to see how far these campaigns go... Google may end up ruling the world but I do respect their business practices.