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Good News: Top Model Might Return. Bad News: Top Model Might Return

Illustration for article titled Good News:i Top Model/i Might Return. Bad News: iTop Model/i Might Return

Three months ago, a nation wept over the loss of Tyra Banks’ barely watchable competition show America’s Next Top Model. But if these unconfirmed reports are true, we’ll one day be able to dry our tears and smize again.


The Daily News reports via sources that VH1 is scooping up Top Model and airing new seasons in the future, though no official confirmation has come from Tyra or the network:

It’s not yet clear whether supermodel Tyra Banks, who hosted the campy competition since it debuted in 2003, or any of the other cast members will return.

But insiders said the move may have been inspired by one of two things: either Banks’ exit from the show slashed the salary expenses enough for it to be viable with a new host; or the collapse of her follow-up show “FAB Life” means that she’s available to helm “Top Model” once again.


As for the show’s cancellation, the source (funnier if read in the voice of SNL’s Stefon) adds, “The CW canceled [Top Model] even though it was their most downloaded show, but the speculation was that it’s because Tyra’s salary is so high. It’s an expensive show to make because she gets a shitload of money.”

Please, don’t play with my heartstrings, anonymous source. Is this the dawn of a post-Tyra Top Model? Who knows, too, whether PR maven Kelly Cutrone or fellow judge J. Alexander will be part of this ANTM rebirth.

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