Good Lord, Someone Hacked Their Alexa to Speak Via Big Mouth Billy Bass

I know we’re all under a great deal of stress right now, so I really do not want to cause unnecessary alarm. But pals, this is important: someone hacked their Alexa so that it speaks through a Big Mouth Billy Bass.

As The Verge reports, developer Brian Kane is the one to create this monstrosity. In case you’re unfamiliar with Big Mouth Billy, he is generally an innocuous novelty item. Upon activating his motion sensor, you can summon truncated versions of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and “Take Me to the River.” (My family once received one as a gift — I can tell you from experience that if you’re easily startled, Billy is not for you).


Kane’s animatronic fish has been connected to a microphone and to an Alexa in order to produce this unsettling effect. Indeed, when Kurtz cried, “The horror, the horror,” just before his death, I believe this Alexa-Billy Bass mutant may have been what he saw.

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Rosemary Young

Dig how you explained what Big Mouth Billy Bass is, but I had to Google “Alexa.”