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Good Eats

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The Fat Police are cracking down on Gordon Ramsay and Nigella Lawson for their "naughty" use of "killer" fats, according to a report titled "The Guilty Secret of Celebrity Chefs." [Guardian]


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Just as a quick FYI to people on the 'margarine is unnatural and will kill you even faster' boat: know what else is artificial? My perscription of gabapentin, but if I don't take it I have migraine attacks that literally make it feel as though I'm being stabbed in the head every thirty seconds. Baby formula is also artificial, but it feeds da bebehs.

Either butter OR margarine (I prefer margarine on my toast and English muffins: always have) is FINE in moderation. (Though soft margarine in a tub is better than stick margarine; something about the hardening process.)

And if Nigella wants to make me a delicious bacon, butter, and peanutbutter pie with lard crust, so long as I don't eat it every day, I'm FINE.

Long live butter, margarine, and FAT!!!!!!