Gone But Not Forgotten: T'Challa, the Parrot From Real Housewives of Potomac

Monique Samuels's best animal friend T'Challa has flown across the rainbow bridge

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Screenshot: Instagram

T’Challa Samuels, beloved parrot and close personal friend of Real Housewives of Potomac star Monique Samuels, has died, according to a post on his official Instagram page. T’Challa leaves behind the entire Samuels family and his legacy as the only creature to have a good tagline in Potomac history. The words, “I fly above the drama and shit on my haters,” will forever be etched on our hearts.


It’s unclear how T’Challa met his end other than it being a “freak accident.” However, Monique did intimate that T’Challa’s death might have served a larger purpose, writing, “Some people say that an animal will sacrifice itself to save a family member if the death angel comes near. Who knows if it’s true but I’m forever grateful for T’Challa and how he changed my life and my family’s life.” T’Challa was with the Samuels family for two years and was a constant source of joy, laughter, and shade. May he rest in peace.

In further unfortunate pet news, gymnast Aly Raisman’s dog Mylo has gone missing. According to an Instagram post from Raisman, Mylo ran away from home after being scared by some fireworks on the 4th of July and has not returned since. Raisman is offering a reward for any information leading to Mylo’s safe return and asks that if anyone sees him, they do not try to chase him as he is frightened and could run further away from his neighborhood. Mylo went missing in the Boston area and is still wearing his tags and a leash.

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