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GoldieBlox's Super Bowl Ad Is Charming, Inspiring and Groundbreaking

This one features girls rampaging through the streets with their dollhouses, pink washing machines, and other stereotypical girl toys and then affixing them to a pink rocket, which they then launch into space to the Quiet Riot-esque tune, "Come On Get Your Toys."


Along with promoting engineering skills in tomorrow's women during one of biggest TV nights of the year, GoldieBlox also takes the honor of being the first small business to air a commercial during the Super Bowl. All expenses were paid for by Intuit, which sponsored a Super Bowl ad competition with a $4 million prize. Based on the special effects, it seems like GoldieBlox put the money to good use. Hopefully some of it went towards song clearance as well.

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Do you know what it doesn't feature, though? Their product. And that's because while their marketing is genius, their product is subpar. It's a not very interesting building toy in which you have to thread ribbons through things to turn spools. The amazon reviews have hundreds of complaints of the handles breaking and of kids being bored by it. You actually can go into a store and buy a high-quality, interesting building toy, regardless of what it's called, what its cover looks like, or who it's marketed to, and give to a girl.