Goldie Hawn 'In Serious Talks' to Play Amy Schumer's Mother in Upcoming Comedy

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In what might be the most exciting casting news of the young year, New York magazine editor Kyle Buchanan revealed that semi-elusive comedy icon Goldie Hawn is very very close to being cast as Amy Schumer’s mother in an upcoming “mother-daughter vacation comedy” directed by Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies). Depending on how her Netflix movie Divanation pans out, it will be her first film role since 2002's R-rated romp The Banger Sisters, in which she played a former groupie alongside Susan Sarandon.

And now, the conversation I imagine Hawn is currently having with her daughter, Kate Hudson:

KATE: Mom, you have to do this. It’s fucking huge. It’s fucking Amy!

GOLDIE: Sweetie you know I don’t know who anyone is these days. And don’t say fucking. It’s not even noon!


KATE: Fine but honestly mom if you don’t take this you’re a fu—you’re a freaking idiot. What else do you have to do?

GOLDIE: Kurt and I have plenty to do, thank you very much. There’s, you know, the guest house? It’s needed to be redone for years. And I’ve really wanted to take up coding.

KATE: Coding?

GOLDIE: I have to keep my mind, you know!

KATE: So the choice in a guaranteed hit with Amy Fucking Schumer...or....coding?


GOLDIE: Yes. That’s the choice. Now are you coming with me to the grocery store or not? We’re out of everything.

KATE: Yes. Shotgun!

GOLDIE: There’s no one else here. Unless you’re bringing Nick.

KATE: Don’t. Don’t you even start with Nick.

GOLDIE: You don’t start with me, and I won’t start with you.

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AllieCat demands hats on cats-is probable weirdo

I have a feeling Goldie Hawn doesn’t care if her daughter says the word, “fucking”. And it would be more a conversation about doing a movie meaning she’ll miss 4 pm margarita Mondays. 2 pm tequila shot Tuesdays, 1 o’clock whisky Wednesdays and 330 Thirsty Thursdays with her friends to work 15 hour days.

Not to mention frisky Fridays with Kurt!