Golden Retriever Destroys German Shepherd in Spaghetti Eating Contest

If you have a Golden Retriever, the outcome of this contest will come as no surprise to you. Also, if you have ever dropped a piece of food anywhere near a Golden, you will not be surprised.


In the epic battle of German Shepherd vs. Golden Retriever vs. Spaghetti, it takes a mere 3.98 seconds for our hero to utterly destroy the competition. The Shepherd's time? A shoddy 2:58 minutes. That dog clearly needs more practice in the wolfing down ring. I know this video is a little old, but I couldn't help providing you with yet another reminder of how amazing Golden Retrievers are.


The Gaysian

Golden Retrievers are literally the garbage disposals of the dog world. They will eat anything and everything. One even ate the bowl of raw sugar cookie batter I set up on the counter...