Golden Girls Legos Are the Best Presents That Don't Exist (Yet)

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Think of all the hilarious scenarios you could create with a Lego version of The Golden Girls kitchen. You could even start a Lego Golden Girls web series about how the gals all got trapped Childsplay-style in their Lego avatars, and now terrorize unsuspecting children with clever quips about being old.


Of course, the Lego Golden Girls kitchen can only become a real thing that exists in the world if YOU go to Lego CuuSoo and vote for user Misterr's insanely detailed vision. And in case you were wondering just how someone finds the time, energy, and willpower to follow through on what must have started as a drunken quip during a Golden Girls Marathon, here's Misterr's explanation:

I made a Lego kitchen based on the tv show: "The Golden Girls". It's where the magic of Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and the lovely Sophia all came together.


What? THAT'S IT? There has to be more to the story than, "I wanted to make a Golden Girls diorama, and indeed I did." It seems that we're missing the section of the story where Misterr stays home sick from work with a fever, pops his/her Golden Girls box set into the DVD player, and, in his/her delirium, imagines an entire season of the show in Legos.

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And I just realized yesterday that The Golden Girls is the only tv show I have seen so far that addresses—rather casually (for the 80's)— the fact that crossdressing men are largely straight cis males. I think that's interesting. Not to say there are no other shows that point this out, but I personally haven't seen any that do.

I also have found that this is a show that both men and women seem very fond of, despite the fact that it's typically seen as a "chick" show.

(I marathon shows I already know as I get ready to go out, cook, or before I sleep, and I'm on a Golden Girls kick right now.)