'Gold Diggin' Divas' Live Up to Their Name in Debut Music Video

Now that Rebecca Black's "Friday" has been removed from YouTube, the world needs a new awful music video to talk about at the water cooler. Allow us to suggest the one for "Codependent," the debut single from all-sister hip hop group Gold Diggin' Divas.


The video for "Codependent," which makes even the most seasoned of gold diggers seem like amateurs, features sisters Betsy, Felicia and Sophia Cox bragging about spending men's money without apologies. It's Destiny's Child meets the Kardashians meets Lil' Kim in the worst way possible. Enjoy!

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Okay, after that aural and visual crime against humanity, I think we need to cleanse our palates with a little number from the original Golddiggers. Cheesy, yes. Sexist, ditto. Hey, that was the 1970's and that was The Dean Martin Show (everybody's parents watched it and nobody thought to question the name of an act also known as The Ding-a-Ling Sisters). But I'd take it over these low-rent divas any day...