GoDaddy Ads Should Be Less Gross From Now On

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GoDaddy, that website hosting company that has a stronger brand association with "trying-too-hard 'sExY' Super Bowl ads" than with, uh, actual website hosting, has announced plans to tone it down. Let's all pour one out for the boobies commercials we'll never know.

The company's new advertising strategy will still be "fun" and "edgy," but not in the way that makes people want to give up sex forever. From AdRants,

"The [new] Super Bowl ad strategy allows us to have fun and be edgy, and demonstrate how we help the little guy kick ass," [new CEO Blake] Irving said. "2014 marks a new era for GoDaddy Super Bowl commercials." Creative details have not yet been shared.


Good on GoDaddy for veering away from the gross. Unfortunately, the name of the company is still "GoDaddy."


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Oh no. Self-describing as "edgy" is never a good sign.