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Go West, Young Woman

Illustration for article titled Go West, Young Woman

[Jerusalem, May 14. Image via AP]

A foreign woman of the Women of the Wall organization poses for a photograph after praying at the Western Wall, Judiasm's holiest site, in Jerusalem's Old City, Friday, May 14, 2010. Since its founding in 1989, Women of the Wall has fought a legal battle asserting a right to conduct organized prayer at the Western Wall. The group has included women reading from the Torah and wearing prayer accessories that in orthodox Judaism are used only by men. (AP Photo/Tara Todras-Whitehill)


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These women are really amazing. They face down Ultra-Orthodox men every Sabbath, and do it with grace. These men spit at them, call the police on them and harass them in nasty, bad ways. A woman was recently beaten at a bus stop for having strap marks from Tefillin (prayer devices) on her arms. It's sick what these "men" are doing in the name of God.