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Grey sludge some are calling wine was drudged up from a US Civil War shipwreck. The wine was found 4 years ago on the Mary-Celestia off the coast of Bermuda. According to the Independent the wine was tasted yesterday after 151 years:

The sommeliers' verdict at a food festival in Charleston, South Carolina, is that the grey "wine" actually smelled and tasted like crab water, gasoline, salt water, vinegar, with hints of citrus and alcohol.

It could have been a Spanish fortified wine, a spirit, or medicine. But after spending a century-and-a-half at the bottom of the ocean, it's now mostly saltwater.

About 50 people who bought tickets to the Charleston Wine + Food event titled "From Deep Below: A Wine Event 150 Years in the Making" also tasted the drink.


What's the vintage on that one I wonder?

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