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'Glut of Slug Eggs' Means Slug-stravaganza for UK

Headlines via the Sun, Metro, and Mirror.
Headlines via the Sun, Metro, and Mirror.

Great Britain better brace for it, because the slug onslaught is coming.

The Metro reports that this year there will be an alarming 500 billion slugs born in Britain, a sharp increase over last year’s more modest 420 billion slugs. That’s an increase of 80 billion slugs, which is quite a few slugs indeed.

Jude Beherall of weed feed and control brand Neudorff. said: ‘A mild winter with minimal frosts will produce a glut of slug eggs and, once hatched, these young slugs will be looking to feed their ferocious appetites and will head straight for the tender foliage of young plants.

‘We are advising gardeners to be fully prepared with slug controls at the ready to ensure their hard work in the garden is preserved.’


Now, somebody from a “weed feed and control brand” would advise you to have plenty of slug controls on hand, now wouldn’t they? But the conservation charity BugLife corroborates speculation:

‘Last year’s wet but very mild conditions means unfortunately we’re in for more of the same,’ said Paul Hetherington of BugLife.

‘The conditions were perfect for slugs to remain active for a longer period, meaning they were eating more and breeding faster and as a result the little ones were maturing at a quicker rate.’


Run for the hills! Slugs!

Senior Editor, Attic Haunter, Jezebel

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Do you think this apocalyptic critter swarm will take over from the ladybird apocalyptic critter swarm? Because I hate cleaning slug trails from my carpet but at least it will make a change to picking up dead ladybirds from my floor all bloody day long.

I mean I think they’re supposed to be locusts but we don’t have locusts so it would be an immediate give away. Ladybirds and slugs are very british bringers of the end times.