Gloria Steinem Showed Up to Kick Ass on Last Night's The Good Wife

On Sunday night's episode of The Good Wife, an old friend of you and me and everyone we know stopped by to give Julianna Marguiles's character Alicia Florrick a little career advice. As you might expect, it was succinct, inspiring and left Alicia totally reconsidering her future.


Gloria! She just has the effect on people.

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This season has been excellent so far. I'm glad Cary is finally getting some major attention. His storyline this season is so good.

Steinem was a nice guest shot (especially Alicia's daydreamed conversation with her) but this was by far my favorite exchange of the episode:

Alicia: "You have something to say to me?"

Castro: "No."

Alicia: "[Laughs] I doubt that. Men always have something to say."

[Oh Goodwife writers, how I love you]

Castro: "No, after I put your partner away for 15 years, then I'll have something to say."

Alicia: "If you're still in office."

Castro: "[Laughs] So, that's why you're running – to get your partner off the hook. Or so you can keep your client, Lemond Bishop, out of jail…"

[Alicia walks away.]

Castro: "Or because your lover was gunned down in one of my courts. That's the rumor anyway. Will Gardner was your lover. you blame me for his death. That's why you're running. Retribution."

Alicia: "Anything else?"

[Alicia gets right in Castro's face.]

Castro: "What do you want?"

Alicia: "No, get it all off your chest."

Castro: "I have a lot on my chest. I'll save it for the campaign."

Alicia: [Casually] "Talk to you."