Gloria Allred's Pundit Daughter: Celebrity Culture Makes Young Women Dumb

Your following Kim Kardashian on Twitter is the reason we don't have a female president yet. Or something.


This morning on The Early Show, lawyer and television commentator Lisa Bloom was plugging her book, Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed Down World. Accompanying the interview was a segment that asked young women about current events and showed them acting ditzy.

Let's leave aside the irony that The Early Show, not known for taking the high road in the world of celebrified, dumbed-down entertainment aimed at women, is casting stones. Let's even overlook the fact that the author of this book, Lisa Bloom, is the daughter and close associate of Gloria Allred, who is rather comfortable with tabloid and celebrity culture herself, or that Lisa Bloom's job as a TV legal analyst consists of analyzing celebrity lawsuits or turning people with grisly lawsuits into celebrities.

's focus on how this analysis pivots rather rapidly from "people in the United States are uninformed about the news" to "young women are shallow and empty-headed." Nowhere does anyone discuss how say, men are being dumbed down by ESPN or The Hangover II (although there's an argument to be made!), or how they're wasting their money on the latest gadgets or whatever.

Why is that? Well, for one thing, because mostly women buy self-help books. And only women's leisure activities make them ditzy or insubstantial, whereas all of the ones I just named, associated with men, just make them regular guys and seem to have no bearing on their ability to run shit.


OK I can do all of these things! I can be smart and have a clue and watch E! I'm living proof. You just have to grow up watching The McLaughlin Group and the News Hour.