As befits the Best Movie Ever Made, the L.A. premiere for Valentino: The Last Emperor, at the Bing Theatre, brought out Gwynnie, Anne, Rachel and friends in equal parts gorgeous and god-awful glad rags.

The Good:

Anne Hathaway should just wear Valentino all the time. Okay, she gets a pass on laundry day.

I daresay Valentino looked at her blankly, but Shenae Grimes is adorable and more starlets could take a page from her not-trying-too-hard-sexy book. It's a dull read, but whatever.


Tracee Ellis Ross has the height and the elegance to pull off this cummerbund silhouette - no easy task.


Rose McGowan's playful LBD is pretty, whimsical and elegant.

The Bad:

Gwyneth likes to show she's tall and slim by sporting ensembles that would make the rest of us look like gnomes - ie, structured puff sleeves and leg-shortening gladiators? Well, just cause you can doesn't mean it's not ‚ÄĒ how do you say? Unfortunate.


Victoria Hervey apparently had an encounter with a pack of furious rats on the way over. Maybe they didn't like the unflatteringly closed neckline?


Could we stomach this on someone other than Janice Dickinson? Hmm...maybe if the waist were less bulky and the "Swan Lake - goes-to-camp-and-learns-tie-dye" less pronounced...

First of all, leggings? For Valen-friggin-tino?! And Sofia Vergara would have looked so lovely if she'd just wear a little color and pull her hair back or other mom-bromides. In any case, shiny leggings are crummy and Mary Janes are no palliative. (I swore I'd work "palliative" and "bromide" into one caption. And damned if I didn't. Damned if I didn't.)

What Say You?


Nicky Hilton: lovely in lace, or bride doll?


How do we feel about Rachel Zoe's footwear, runway to reality?

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