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Glenn Close and Her Dog Suddenly Really Into Instagram

You’re already on the internet to the extent that it brought you to this blog—what’s one more dog?


I therefore suggest that you follow Glenn Close’s dog, Pip—a.k.a. “Pip Close, the Havanese” a.k.a. “Sir Pippin of Beanfield”—and his Dickensian dad antics.

Though Pip’s account was created in 2015, it was inactive for several years and just began flourishing anew on December 16, two days before Close did the first post on her own, verified account. Both Closes have been posting non-stop ever since.


Pip has a whimsical sensibility, informed by art history, falling asleep while doing puzzles, and finding the humor in New Yorker cartoons.


Classic influencer move, I’ll never think of this signature ballet step without being reminded of Pip.


Pip is very relatable. Like me, he is proud of Glenn Close for winning a Golden Globe.


And, while you are falling in love with someone else’s dog, why not check out Close’s Instagram, which is full of wry observations. I mean, what the HELL?? Where can I purchase those glasses!!?

contributing writer, nights

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Not one picture was visible in your article. I went to insta and saw many pip pictures but do not know which ones you chose. Can you forward this to whoever can help me fix this problem. This is not the first instance. Thank you.