Easily flustered incoherent homophobe Michele Bachmann was the guest on Glenn Beck's radio program yesterday, and the two of them agreed that the 8-year-old who recently told the Presidential candidate that his gay moms didn't need fixing was put up to it by a couple of shameless lesbians bent on ruining America. Poor, poor Michele Bachmann. Won't someone think of the hateful megalomaniacs?

According to Mediaite, the appearance lacked the teeth that some candidates' appearances on Beck's program had in spades. When Newt Gingrich faced off with Beck and his radio chalkboard, Beck kicked things off by telling Gingrich that his political views concerned him. His two Bachmann interviews have been characterized by unabashed fawning and we can assume a foot massage.

At one point, the host opined angrily about Bachmann's now-infamous confrontation with the kid with two moms. He and Bachmann agreed that no kid could possibly think that his mommy was neat on his own, and thus concluded that 8-year-old must have been put up to telling Bachmann she was whack by the wiley lesbians who raised him. FURTHERMORE! (there's always a furthermore when you're Glenn Beck), this is only a small part of the Left's giant conspiracy against Michele Bachmann, and now, they've shamelessly got the kids involved. According to Beck,

This is how they're coming and they're coming with children to attack you on this. This is the nuclear bomb in politics, accusing you of a homophobe or whatever. They'll do this to anybody they want to destroy. How do you navigate in that kind of world where you're being, I think, set up every time to look like a homophobe?

The Left is literally employing child soldiers to attack innocent, Jesus hugging Bachmann and paint her like she's a homophobe. Because she's not doing a good enough job of that on her own, without the help of the wee ones.


When children consistently outwit you in arguments, it's time to reexamine your policy positions rather than accusing the kids of being pawns in the great sparkly pink chess game that is the homosexual agenda. It's not their fault that they're right.

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