Glee's Mark Salling Was Previously Sued for Sexual Battery

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According to a new report, Mark Salling, the Glee star who was found in possession of child pornography earlier this week, was sued by an ex-girlfriend in January 2013 for sexual battery.


In the lawsuit, Roxanne Gorzela accused Salling of “penetrating her without a condom,” even though she had explicitly stated that she did not consent to unprotected sex. In response to the lawsuit, which was obtained by the NYDN, Salling claimed that Gorzela “voluntarily placed herself in a position of danger and exposure to such injuries and damages.”

NYDN reports:

In her original complaint, Gorzela said she immediately halted the unprotected sex when she became aware of what was happening and asked, “What are you doing?”

She claimed Salling again engaged in unprotected intercourse with her shortly after she demanded he wear a condom to continue with the intimate contact.

Gorzela also claimed that Salling evaded attempts to discuss his STD status. She was tested in March, the results led to a confrontation between Gorzela and Salling. During the confrontation, Gorzela claims that Salling became violent and pushed her to the ground, injuring her knees.

Salling was ordered to pay Gorzela $2.7 million in damages.

On Tuesday, Salling was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography. Investigators with the Los Angeles Police Department found hundreds of photographs of underage girls on his personal computer. A lieutenant with the LAPD Internet Crimes Against Children task force described the images as “disturbing.”

Salling posted $200,000 bail and is scheduled for his first hearing on January 22.

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Those reports of sexual battery and assaulting his girlfriend are not new and were quietly settled, but I’ve been side-eyeing Puck for several years now. Everyone was calling Naya Rivera “crazy” when she egged and trashed his car. While she was labeled as a bitter ex and psycho stalker, no one ever thought it had anything to do with his behavior. He’s gross.