Tomorrow's episode of Glee tackles bullying, and Chris Colfer, who plays gay teen Kurt Hummel, explains that the issue is very close to him. "I remember one time someone screamed 'fag' at me in the hallway," he says.

The actor believes his show is doing something "important," and says his role as Kurt "means so much to so many people." This week, Colfer tells the New York Post, "the bullying just reaches a peak. Kurt gets fed up with it and stands up for himself for the first time."


Colfer relates to Kurt : "I personally was never physically bullied or tossed into dumpsters, but I definitely was verbally and socially bullied," he says. The upside? "It definitely taught me to be quick on my feet with witty comebacks."

"I remember one time someone screamed 'fag' at me in the hallway, and I screamed back, 'Yeah, but can you spell it?' Everyone in the hallway laughed at the other kid; it was nice to reverse the abuse."


Yes, Colfer is awesome. And check out how cute he is in this sneak peek of tomorrow's episode. Oh! And one more adorable detail:

"Kurt is much more flamboyant and he's very fashionable. I am not." Calling from his home in West Hollywood, where he's resting after a late-night shoot, Colfer explains, "I'm sitting in jeans and a Kermit the Frog T-shirt."


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