Give the Gift of Terror With This Talking Teddy Bear

Ever wished you could take the experience of living through an episode of The Twilight Zone, wrap it up and give it to a child you love? Well, now you can!

The 2014 Toy Fair is currently ongoing in New York, and Popular Science is on the scene. Reporters from the mag stopped by the booth for WikiBear and played with an early prototype (the creators promise future versions will be less, well, alarming). See, the bear connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone running an "AI engine." Nope, definitely not a technological update of the classic 1963 episode "Living Doll." Not one bit.


"Wiki tells jokes, Wiki tells stories, remembers your likes, your dislikes, will remember if you're not feeling well," a rep for the company explains in the video, before WikiBear interrupts: "You make a lot of sacrifices for others." This is how the machines turn our children against us, mark my words.

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