Give Bailey His Sad Concession Burrito!

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If there is a dog in your vicinity, that dog is entitled to whatever it wants. That is the rule of having a dog. If you are lucky enough to know a dog, that dog has already done more for you than you will ever do for that dog. Should that dog steal your burrito, for instance, you are obliged to give that dog your burrito, and maybe also the next burrito you buy, just to be extra sure you are giving it everything it deserves.


At Warren 2020 headquarters, in the wake of resignation from the 2020 presidential campaign, Warren’s press secretary Gabrielle Farrell shared a video of Bailey, the most famous Golden Retriever in America, swiping a burrito. Perplexingly, the video showed multiple former campaign staffers attempting to steal that burrito back from Bailey. Why would they punish Bailey like this? That dog has had a very hard day. If he wants a burrito, he deserves a burrito.

I have no idea if burritos are toxic for dogs. They are flour and some meat. Both of those things sound safe to me, so why not let Bailey live his life however he pleases? His mom just lost a presidential race. He’s probably upset! Besides, how does this reflect on the Warren campaign’s own policies, should she have taken office? Would she have taken a strict, no burritos for dogs policy? And how will this affect her standing with the “people who own dogs” base? As this is a developing story, I will provide updates as they come.

Perplexingly, the Trump Campaign has been handing out misleading leaflets to voters across the country that claim to be “official census documents” in what the House Oversight and Reform Committee believes is a widespread attempt to “confuse and deceive” recipients. The Hill reports that each mailer is marked with wording like, “Do not destroy. Official document,” which House officials claim could fool unsuspecting voters into believing that responding to the mailer is “complying with their civic duty.”

Inside, the mailer includes questions about political views and the recipients’ stance on Donald Trump, as well as questions about the border wall and Medicare For All. While Republicans claim the “RNC” markings on the mailer are clear enough to distinguish, the LA Times preciously reported that Representative Katie Porter had been contacted by Californians who were unsure about the document’s origins.

Shortly after this news broke, The Hill subsequently reported that Facebook will take additional steps to remove ads pertaining to the “census” mailers on its platform. In a statement, a spokesperson told The Hill: “There are policies in place to prevent confusion around the official U.S. Census and this is an example of those being enforced.” [The Hill]


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  • Bloomberg is, of course, pouring all his money into getting Biden elected. [Reuters]
  • The Senate has approved Trump’s $8.3 billion to “fight” coronavirus. [AP]
  • Bernie Sanders should not have canceled his Mississippi rally. [New York Times]
  • Why should Chuck Schumer be sorry for telling Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch they should have to reckon with their actions? [Politico]

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This Elizabeth Warren supporter is a proud dog owner and I have a strict, no-human food for doggos policy. So, much like almost every other policy proposal she’s laid out thus far, I continue to stand behind her 100%.

I’m sure Bailey had his own pupper-safe burrito. 

(Onion, garlic, and avocado are not safe for your dogs!)