Gisele Fights Haters of Her Under Armour Ads in Her Under Armour Ad

Under Armour's new campaign for women has an interesting face attached to it: supermodel Gisele, who at first glance doesn't seem to fit in with the athletes chosen by the company to rep their brand. And it appears from her first commercial that Gisele and Under Armour know that too.


In the spot, Gisele is at a punching bag, while comments like "Gisele is just a model," "Under Armour WTF?" and "Is modeling now a sport?" are projected onto the walls around her. There are positive remarks too: "OMG...I love her" and "She's perfect" but the commercial ends with a black screen and Under Armour's new slogan, I Will What I Want.

According to the website for the campaign, those are real comments and Gisele actually has her own interactive sub-site where you can watch her doing several different workouts, while judgments that are apparently being made about her in real time are projected around her. Under Armour says that they decided to do the campaign after they saw the response to the announcement that Gisele was going to be teaming up with them (a teaser video for the campaign was released a few days ago).

"Will beats noise," the copy reads on the website. "Every single day, thousands are voicing their opinion about Gisele Bündchen online. Watch her tune out comments being made right now."

"Most women at a certain point in their life encounter contradicting opinions, expectations, praise and criticism. Having lived her life in the public eye since she began modeling at 16, Gisele knows what it means to focus inward in order to beat the noise and achieve her own goals," Leanne Fremar, Senior Vice President and Executive Creative Director, Under Armour Women's said in a press release. "Along with scaling to the heights of her profession as a model and a global fashion icon, she's an incredibly athletic woman, dedicated to her practice of martial arts and yoga."

"This incredibly inspirational initiative serves as a powerful reminder of all the amazing things women can do despite the pressures and criticisms we may encounter," Gisele added. "Having the strength to tune out negativity and remain focused on what I want gives me the will and confidence to achieve my goals."

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Since Under Armour embraced ballet dancer Misty Copeland as an athlete, after first glance, it stands to reason that Gisele – who is consistently at the top of the list of richest models in the world – would fit into their attempt to celebrate "the breadth of women's athletic experiences." Plus, she definitely makes all that money for a reason: she sells clothes.

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Ant Farm Keyboard

Her message is fine (I guess) but at the end of the day it's a commercial for athletic wear and men get professional athletes and women get a super model. There are some damn good female athletes who deserve the attention and money more than Gisele. Brittany Griner should be pissed.