Deadline reports that Girls’ Zosia Mamet will play the legendary punk singer and author, Patti Smith, in the upcoming biopic, Mapplethorpe. The movie focuses on the complex relationship between Smith and the late photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, one she recounted in her poignant memoir, Just Kids. Matt Smith—already familiar to Dr. Who stans—will play Mapplethorpe.

The film will be written and directed by Ondi Timor who is best known for her documentary about privacy in the digital era, We Live in Public. Timor has won two Sundance awards—both for documentaries—this will be her first narrative film.

Mapplethorpe, which is backed by the Mapplethorpe Foundation, is a separate project from the adaptation of Smith’s memoir, Just Kids. Smith’s book was optioned by Showtime for a series. She is currently co-writing the adaptation.

Mapplethorpe is scheduled to begin shooting this summer.

Image via AP.