Girls Told To Stop Wearing School Uniform Skirts To Ward Off Perv

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Earlier this month, two girls who attend the private school Greenwood College were followed on the subway by a man who looked up their skirts. Police in Toronto are looking for the suspect and in the meantime, an officer advised that perverts can be kept at bay if kids don't wear their uniforms on public transportation. As our tipster snarks, "clearly SlutWalk made a difference for the cops and their consciousness around gender."


As you'll recall, the entire SlutWalk movement was sparked by a Toronto police officer who told law school students, "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized." Yet now we have more Toronto officials suggesting to girls that what they choose to wear will determine whether or not they're sexually harassed. Actually, the students don't really have a choice about wearing their uniforms to school, so if girls are now required to change into skirts in the locker room every morning, it's just a penalty for being female.

After consulting with police officers, Allan Hardy, the school's principal, conveyed their recommendations to students in an email. The Toronto Sun reports that he wrote:

"Students, especially females, should consider not wearing their school uniform when riding the TTC ... This person was looking up the girls' skirts ... So the advice is given... if they had, for example, jeans or sweatpants on, it wouldn't be an issue."

Following complaints, police said their comments had been taken out of context. Const. Wendy Drummond said the remarks weren't sexist because,

"My understanding of the advice that was given from the officer is that it did not specify a skirt ... The officer was explaining to the principal that for students, not just girls, that a uniform provides a lot of information to people that you might not realize. Now we've got kids in public, broadcasting where they're going to school, what route they're taking to school. The advice given was for the protection of the students. It was not meant to be anything other than advice."

Whether it was the police or the principal, at some point girls got the message that what they wear can invite an attack. As Monica Bugajski of News puts it, "the skirts are not the issue, and the girls are not the issue. The issue is the pervert." She lists a few tips from the group Stop Street Harassment about what students can do if the man targets them again, like loudly identifying the perpetrator and telling him to step away, or intervening if they see someone else being hassled. But why teach young people that they have the power to stand up for themselves and those around them when it's so easy to tell them to stop slutting it up in their school uniforms?

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First off, just to get it out of the way: I’m going to catch shit for this, and if I offend anyone’s sensibilities I apologize.

With that aside I understand the "slutwalk" movements and the insulting notions of the Toronto Police officers for saying "don’t dress like you want it" and all that. However, and I’m sorry ladies, but I don’t feel this particular issue with this particular advice crosses that line. This sounds like genuine advice on being safer. There is a man currently on the loose peeking up women’s skirts. Until he is caught, please be aware of the situation and take preventative measures against it. This is not the same as saying "don’t dress like you want it" or "don’t wear a skirt if you don’t want people looking up it." This is genuine advice for your personal safety. Think along the lines of "Don’t wear blue bandanas/articles of clothing, and then walk into Blood Gang territory alone at 2am." It’s kind of like that. They’re not saying to not dress like tramps to avoid a "well deserved raping" they’re saying there’s a guy on the loose praying on women wearing particular clothing, and for your safety until he is caught, please take not of your surroundings, and to reduce risk to yourself, be conscious of your choice of skirt/pants.

SHOULD we have to take into consideration our clothes when going outside? No, we shouldn’t. We shouldn’t also have to fear walking down streets at night, or going into a dark alley and screaming "I am alone, weak, defenseless and have lots of cash" but SADLY there are people out there who make these acts dangerous, and to minimize risk to yourself, you have to take some precautions.