Sometimes, gendered messages to children are subtly coded. And sometimes, as in the case of the Christian Royal Purpose camps, boys are sword-rattling warrior princes and girls are pink-clad princesses. Check out these videos.

The Houston-based camps are for children ages four through third grade, and their "royal purpose" is to inspire evangelical worship of Christ (the king). Here's how they describe themselves:

Princess with a Purpose Prep School is where "once upon a time" can become a reality for young girls who dream of one day becoming a true princess. Warrior Prince Academy is a Bible camp for boys to become a mighty warrior for Jesus.

According to the videos, boys learn about "leadership and service" and "how to dress for battle in God's armor" to the tune of tough-guy music. Girls learn "princess manners" and gain the endorsement of Mary Lou Retton. (To be fair, the Houston Astros guy emphasizes that being a princess is not just about "adornments.")

Princess Prep Promo New from on Vimeo.


Warrior Prince Academy from on Vimeo.

Royal Purpose via Christian Nightmares [Official Site]

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