'Girls Are Assholes' Is the Internet's Least Relatable Video Series

I wanted to like the on-its-way-to-viral "Girls Are Assholes" web series. I really did. Not because I'm the sort of woman who hates other women, but because I love me some sharply observed self-deprecating humor almost as much as I love fresh comedic perspectives from underrepresented demographics, and this video series is written by and stars women. Further, people are assholes, in general, and it's always great to laugh about that with others. This had "you're gonna love this!" written all over it.

But — guh — I've never related to anything less. I don't get it. I'm a girl. I'm an asshole. So why don't I like this video of two girls in bar rejecting the friendly, nonthreatening advances of a "normal" guy (white guy in a hoodie is the universal TV trope language for "nice/normal") on the grounds that he's "creepy" while embracing the incredibly creepy advances of the "hot" guy? Reddit loves it. Everyone Tweeting about it except for comedian Gaby Dunn loves it. I don't love it. Is this a thing that all girls do? Am I so alienated from mainstream culture that I don't know how normal people interact with each other anymore? Am I a self-aware but humorless robot who hasn't yet learned that she is a robot?

What is going on here? Am I broken?


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So basically it's the NiceGuyTM story of how all nice dudes are labeled creepy and only truly creepy assholes get the girl in the end?

But instead written and starring women? Yeah no. This didn't happen organically. Me thinks someone's STILL bitter boyfriend/guy friend had something to do with this nonsense.

OR are they making fun of them and pretending that this is real but in fact it's just a big joke?