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GIRLCULT Festival Founders Call It the 'Lilith Fair for Generation Z'

Images via Getty
Images via Getty

GIRLCULT is yet another festival that’s being launched, in celebration of the young women of “Generation Z.”


Galore—a media company that was featured in my roundup “Seriously, What Are All These Rando Magazines?”—is organizing the event, which is billed as “an entire day full of media, pop culture and talent-related discussions centered around community empowerment and issues facing the women of Generation Z.” Kimora Lee Simmons is listed as a GIRLCULT rep, and Tyra Banks is their keynote speaker and headliner, which means she will be doing a lot of talking.

In a statement, Galore’s founders Price Chenoa and Jacob Dekat described the festival as “a Lilith Fair for Generation Z girls who live in these confusing times.” Besides performing, the featured artists (including Willow Smith and Madison Beer) are vaguely expected to address culturally-relevant issues. Though the event, which takes place on August 20 in Los Angeles, doesn’t specify what the guests will talk about, one can presume they’ll cover big issues like abortion rights and the E-word.

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They know Lilith Fair was a music festival, right?