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Girl Scout Leader Caught With Hand In Cookie Jar

Illustration for article titled Girl Scout Leader Caught With Hand In Cookie Jar

A Minnesota Girl Scouts troop leader allegedly stole about $8,200 raised by cookie sales to buy sports equipment for her daughters and play blackjack. She says she stole the money to pay family bills because she's unemployed. [MPR]


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Not like this is all that unusual, but I am led to wonder if the Boy Scout/Girl Scout leaders we have today are as forthright as they were a few decades ago. I know from the fact that I have one son in Boy Scouts, that they don't seem to be teaching them the same kind of civic responsibility and personal conduct that I used to hear about in a scout. Could it be that people are going through the motions more, now? This is reprehensible, but I wonder if its part of a larger trend, in which venerable organizations are finding more and more of their members less trustworthy.