When 10-year-old Madisyn Kestell's found her mother, Kandace Seyferth, unconscious on the floor of their Wisconsin home, she knew just what to do. She dialed 911, and then started giving her mom CPR. She and her friend 12-year-old Katelynn Vreeke worked together, with Madisyn doing mouth-to-mouth and Katelynn doing chest-thumps. Turns out Madisyn knew how to do CPR from countless hours spent watching Grey's Anatomy. According to her, "Me and my mom watch the show every Thursday and I learned it from there."

It appears to have been time well spent because her mother, who passed out after trying to fetch her inhaler during an asthma attack, says her life depended on her daughter's actions: "They pretty much said if Maddie didn't remain calm and call 911 and so what she did, I wouldn't even be here to talk about it." An ambulance showed up after just four minutes, so fortunately the girls didn't have to tend to Kandace for very long, but it does suddenly make all the drama with McDreamy and Meredith's endless waivering seem a little more worthwhile.

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