Giraffes Can Be Pickup Artists Too

Illustration for article titled Giraffes Can Be Pickup Artists Too

Josh Siegel brings you animal art every Monday. Add your own requests in the comments, and maybe Josh will draw an animal for you.

For thewumpworld who writes: "I had a dream that you drew one of a giraffe using a pick up line on a crane (like the construction equipment, not the animal) and woke up disappointed that it wasn't real, so I would really like to see that!" Well guess what? Dreams do come true, like my dream where a hamburger ate me! Also thewumpworld complimented my drawings and this giraffe idea made me laugh out loud for like five minutes, all keys to success.


Check out more of Josh's drawings on his Tumblr.

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Thank you for making my dream come true!!! This is amazing and just how I imagined it! I love it and I'm glad I didn't see this until I got home because I made a totally inappropriate squealing noise when I saw the title... :)