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Clarence Thomas's wife Ginni now acknowledges that asking Anita Hill to apologize may have been a bad idea — but that's totally not why she's stepping down as head of Tea Partier organization Liberty Central.


Thomas is scaling back her role with the group, but tells the Daily Caller it's "laughable" to think she might do so because of the incredibly embarrassing PR nightmare she created by phoning up Hill. She does, however, acknowledge that the phone call "was probably a mistake on my part." She also says of Liberty Central, "It's better for the organization not to be centered around a personality" — which is certainly true if that "personality" becomes well-known for doing really dumb things.


Don't worry, though, Thomas isn't going away! She'll be working on an alliance between Liberty Central (which she says she conceived as "a virtual website") and fellow Tea Party group the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty. Founded by Gary Aldrich, who will now lead both groups, the Patrick Liberty Liberty for Liberty and Liberty hopes to convince other Tea Partiers that Washington DC should not, in fact, be burned to the ground — Aldrich allows that there are some conservatives in government "who have been working for liberty" and should be spared. Also, did he mention liberty?

Ginni Thomas: I'm Not Leaving My Tea Party Organization [Daily Caller, via ABA Journal]

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