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Gina Rodriguez Will Produce Show About a 'Secret Feminist Social Media Group'

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Image via Getty

In addition to the two other series she is developing (at the CW and CBS, respectively) Gina Rodriguez continues her work behind the camera by signing on to executive produce a new series titled Femme.


According to Variety, the potential show, which is still in development, will follow four millennial women who “become unlikely friends and fierce allies after meeting online in a secret feminist social media group” who then form a “sisterhood army” of sorts. I think we can safely assume the show is drawing on the few, never really that secret for long, social media groups for women that have cropped up in the past few years. How modern! And potentially lightly triggering for anyone who has tried to radicalize a feminist Facebook group and keep it a secret!

The show is also created by, written, and executive produced by Audrey Wauchope and Rachel Specter, who are also writers and producers on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. So I already have high hopes for this.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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Gee, based on “Pantsuit Nation” much? I was a part of that group right before and after the election and there was a shit storm shortly after the election- one of the women that created the group signed a book deal that would be a compilation of the stories women were sharing in the group. It was such a betrayal - I was very vocal about it and while she did address it, it was half-hearted and she never apologized. It was so disappointing - nothing stays sacred for long.