Gigi Hadid's CFDA Awards Look Is a Harlequin Romance

All photos Getty
All photos Getty

Gigi Hadid hit up the CFDA Awards Monday night wearing a full-body Versace catsuit in jester multicolor, riding the currently hot neck-to-toe legging look. Naomi Campbell was honored at the ceremony, and so what better to pay tribute to the world’s most iconic supe than by wearing something Naomi would have when she got her start in the ’90s (but with a chain belt)?


I can see why this is not for everyone, given that it looks like if a green-sympathetic Mondrian acolyte went to an ecstatic dance class, and also because it is a second-skin (high capacity for cameltoe). I love it, though, in all its retrospective brazen lycra and audacity. Would you, though?

Gurl that is a MOCK neck
Gurl that is a MOCK neck

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Scavenger Rey

I LOVE IT. And I need to know what lipstick she’s wearing ASAP.