Gigi Hadid Is 'Insulted' People Think She's Doing Cocaine in This Video

Victoria's Secret model/occasional Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cameo Gigi Hadid ("Who? Ah, her!") denies doing cocaine at a party in Miami last weekend despite a video that really makes it look like she's doing cocaine at a party in Miami last weekend.

The footage comes from a Snapchat Story posted by Gigi's boyfriend, Australian muppet Cody Simpson, and depicts her dancing then hunching over a table at a Victoria's Secret party that the pair were hosting together.


After gossip site OpenUp posted the video and accused her of doing coke, Gigi responded:


Maybe she was just taking a lil' table nap. [Gossip Cop]


While presenting It's Me, Hilary, the documentary she produced about Eloise illustrator Hilary Knight at—where else—the Plaza in New York, Lena Dunham discussed her upbringing: "My parents didn't really let me out of the house alone. I was pretty coddled...They were like, 'You're not even allowed to go to the corner store.' "

Coddled? I. am. shocked. [Page Six]


Sometimes all it takes for two people to form a friendship is sexual contact with the same horrible dude. According to OK!, Rihanna has reached out to Karrueche Tran in the wake of her most recent Chris Brown breakup to end their on-going feud. "Insiders close to Tran say Brown's ex-girlfriend Rihanna has even reached out to offer her encouragement to her former nemesis," the 'bloid writes.

Says a source:

"Kar was so suspicious and convinced she was calling to gloat, but in fact Rihanna was incredibly sweet and was key in encouraging her to put on her highest strappy heels and hit the town – something Kar's done and it's totally worked a treat," the source told And the source added that Rihanna called Tran at just the right time, since the model "refused to go out and was crying non-stop over Chris's betrayal"


Ovaries before brovaries, as Leslie Knope would say. [OK!]

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