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Gigi Hadid Has a Thing About Open Toilets

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Everyone’s afraid of something. For me, it’s the knowledge that severe weather is going to render Earth uninhabitable within the next few generations for all but its wealthiest and thus, most terrible, inhabitants. For Gigi Hadid, it’s emerging from the shower to find the toilet seat open. From W Magazine:

I’m cool with spiders and heights and clowns. But I don’t like getting out of the shower and for the toilet seat to be open. I’m like, I have water on me, and the toilet has water in it, and I just won’t shower with the toilet open. I guarantee now you’re going to look at the toilet and it’s going to make you feel weird if it’s open while you shower.

Advertisement’s like she’s showering in toilet water? Honestly, there are worse things.

[W Magazine]

I don’t know who or what is bullying Pete Davidson, but knock it off.


Bullying anyone is cowardly and a poor use of your short time alive. Bullying someone who has been open about having a mental disorder—and who is going through what must surely be a very difficult breakup—is completely fucked up.

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What if toilet doesn’t have cover?? Will she just jump right in and take a bath in a toilet??