Gigi & Bella Hadid Are Selling 'Tour Merch' of Themselves Wearing Other Peoples' Clothes

Image via screenshot/Urban Sophistication.
Image via screenshot/Urban Sophistication.

Fashion industry “tour merch” is nothing new, though it seems to be having a moment—Demna and Gosha recently got their own devotional tees, for one, RIP—and anyone with as strong a media presence as the Hadid sisters would be silly not to try and capitalize on that.


Enter “Belgie,” a strange, toy-dog-like portmanteau of Bella and Gigi’s names, which they designed in tandem with the fashion retailer Urban Sophistication. Hadid fans can now rep the new gals with t-shirts and sweatshirts celebrating their collective careers as models, including Barbie shirts with beehive’d pics of them on the Jeremy Scott runway, and a sure-to-sell-out sweatshirt of the duo wearing Rihanna’s Fenty line for Puma. Okay, so they’re selling t-shirts you can wear of them wearing other designers’ clothes, which aren’t even out yet? Surely they cleared it but my brain is twisting over the potential copyright weirdness.

Speaking of copyright, how long until Forever 21 knocks this off? Still, these are cute if you want to ride for the Hadids, and at $50 for t-shirts and $65 for sweatshirts, are both more expensive than the DALE shirt I bought at the last Pitbull concert, and the same price as the all-over-print Rihanna shirt I bought at the Anti- tour. So like, arena-tour affordable. Get (more) money, ladies.


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