Illustration by Angelica Alzona.

So they made the tough decision to get outta town. They had a goodbye at that bar they remembered being a little cleaner and a little more fun than it actually is these days. You stared at them wide-eyed because you couldn’t believe they were actually going through with it. The next morning, they took off super early and you laid around in your full-sized bed next to your full-sized partner staring into space.

America got another one, you think to yourself.

Well, here’s what to get the one that got away.

A gas gift card

I hear that gas is a big deal in other parts of the country, and can also be used to get you back to New York whenever you want. Why not help a friend out and give them the equivalent of cash, but in a classier format? (Shell, Whatever price you can handle)


Frequent flyer miles 


Flying is also a great way to get back to New York as soon as you regret leaving it. While JetBlue has a very nice hub at JFK airport, you can no longer gift miles through them—but with the aptly named American Airlines, you can! (American Airlines, How flush are you feeling?)

Delivery bagels


I spent most of one of the summers of my youth in California staying with family. Rough life!, you might say. At the end of the summer, my dad game to visit and brought with him (on the plane!) a couple slices of pizza because I missed New York pizza so badly. Delivery bagels convey the same sentiment but with a whole lot less work on your part—and less pissing off your fellow travelers. (Zabar’s bagels, $29.94)

Tickets to Hamilton... in Chicago


It’s the next best thing! (Ticketmaster, tickets start at $75)

A beautiful scarf from the 9/11 Memorial Museum


When it gets chilly out and you’re missing that Tri-state area air, just wrap yourself in the memory of thousands of unwarranted deaths. (9/11 Memorial Museum, $68-$98)