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Giffords To Undergo Skull Surgery Today

Illustration for article titled Giffords To Undergo Skull Surgery Today

Two days after watching her husband launch into space, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is scheduled to have surgery today to replace a section of her skull with a plastic implant. A piece of Giffords' skull was removed to leave room for brain swelling shortly after she was shot. She's been wearing a helmet decorated with a picture of the Arizona state flag, but this relatively simply operation will allow her to stop using it.


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At a recent Easter party at our house, a super-religious asshole relative said about Rep. Giffords, "It figures: you shoot a lib Dummocrat in the head and nothing happens."

I told him that I was surprised he had renounced Christianity and his American citizenship, that what he said was like wiping his ass on the Constitution or jerking off in a bible, and to take his family and leave my home.

He got upset.