Get Ready to Vape Your Coffee

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If you’re a caffeine lover who has fantasized about innovative new ways to consume your drug of choice, there’s now an e-cigarette that is sure to get your attention. Caffeine inhalers with names like Eagle Energy Vapor are now being marketed to those who want a quick shot of caffeine without actually drinking an espresso shot. The New York Times describes it as “Red Bull for the lungs.” Frightening.

The caffeine inhalers contain a small amount of caffeine made up of ingredients such as guarana, taurine and ginseng. Unsurprisingly, the safety surrounding this type of product is still unknown. The FDA has not yet reviewed these new inhalers, but according to Time, companies are able to work their way around that by marketing products as dietary supplements or beverages. The agency is also still investigating the effects of adding caffeine to our food products. In the meantime, you might want to ingest your caffeine through a more classic process, like a nice cup of Italian roast or a cold brew.

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Sir Halffast

Look, there are four reasons I drink coffee.

- I like the taste.

- The caffeine helps me wake up.

- I like to clean my system out early on in the day (that’s 3 and 4, if you’re counting).

Can the vape do that? Just the second one? But with an extra side of the shakes? Nope. Don’t care. Take your hipster new age bullshit somewhere else and refill my mug.