Get Ready for the Next Big YA Movie Franchise: The Mortal Instruments Trailer Has Arrived

For those YA fans lamenting the inevitable dissolution of the Twilight movies, aimlessly wandering the blasted ruins of the Harry Potter franchise, or perhaps frustrated with the Hunger Games adaptation, a new YA series-to-film franchise is hurtling down the Hollywood sewer pipe faster than a goldfish accidentally murdered and surreptitiously flushed by a new parent. City of Bones, the first installment of the popular Mortal Instruments series about attractively tattooed demon hunters and the guileless female protagonist who cavorts with them, will be hitting theaters next summer.


You can now feast your eyes on an official trailer, which may seem to the uninitiated like a cross between Blade and Constantine, only with less gore. Lily Collins will be serving as your incredulous yet whip-smart female lead. Jamie Campbell Bower (who played the Young Earl of Oxford in Roland Emmerich's awful feature-length attempt to troll Shakespeare scholars, Anonymous) will be playing the broodingly handsome demon hunter Jace Wayland. Jonathan Rhys Meyers also has a role, and he also appears to be handsome in it.

via VH1



Is Jace the one who's basically (fanon) Draco Malfoy? Cause if so, good casting on that one Hollywood.

I'm conflicted about this. The movie looks fun in a goofy way, but I just don't like the idea of contributing money to Cassandra Cla(i)re in even an elliptical way. At this point my aversion to it is probably irrational though.