Get Ready For Hours And Hours Of Grammy Performances

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  • The 51st Annual Grammy Awards begin at 8pm tonight. Among those set to perform: Kanye West, Jennifer Hudson, Justin Timberlake, M.I.A, Radiohead, u2, and many more. And the show is "only" 3.5 hours long. [MTV]
  • Whitney Houston looked "glamorous" and "triumphant" as she performed at a pre-Grammy party hosted by Clive Davis. "She was on it, she was happy - she's back," said Jamie Foxx, who was in attendance, "Everybody else watch out."[Yahoo]
  • Meanwhile, Usher had to cancel his appearance at the same party, due to a "serious illness in the family." Though reports are unconfirmed, Access Hollywood is reporting that his wife, Tameka Foster, has suffered complications from cosmetic surgery. Good thoughts to Usher and his family! [Yahoo]
  • In happier news, Blink 182 fans have a reason the celebrate: the band is reportedly getting back together to record a new album, and will be reuniting as presenters at tonight's Grammy ceremony. [MTV]
  • Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisler, who met on the set of Skating With Celebrities, were married on Saturday. "We're excited about the future," Eisler says, "Kristy is getting back into acting and I'm building my coaching career. Hopefully everything will work out." [People]
  • "‘I like looking nice, but I always put comfort over fashion. I don't find thin girls attractive; be happy and healthy. I've never had a problem with the way I look. I'd rather have lunch with my friends than go to a gym."-Adele [DailyMail]
  • Grey's Anatomy star Chyler Leigh claims she's planning on naming her baby "Aniston." This is one time when being Team Jolie is probably the better option, no?[USMagazine]
  • Kate Moss is reportedly trying to kick her smoking habit: "Kate's worried about getting wrinkle lines and she's so determined to kick the habit she has banned all her friends from smoking anywhere near her," says a source. [ShowbizSpy]
  • Uh oh- is GOOP a total rip off? Dragonfly Wellness founder Mary Kate Hearon says yes. On her Facebook page, Hearon claims that she had a friend send Gwyneth her newsletter, The Weekly Beet, but when the two met, Paltrow was "was sooooooo nasty to me, it was scandalous! [Husband] Chris [Martin], the utmost gentleman, stood to shake my hand, but she smirked and was silent when I asked how her dinner was . . . I never thought in a million years she'd . . . create her own site very similar to The Weekly Beet . . . [Goop has] the therapies I've tried, the foods I love, the detoxes that work! A lot of the same stuff!"" Paltrow's reps deny the allegations. [PageSix]
  • "Being in love makes you happy. Definitely. I deeply, deeply care about John [Mayer]. We talk, we adore one another. And that's where it is. Do I want to have children? I do, and I will. The women who inspire me are the ones who have families and children. Why would I want to limit myself? I want to have it all."-Jennifer Aniston [ShowbizSpy]
  • Peaches Geldof and her husband, Max Drummey, have split after 6 months of marriage. [TheSun]
  • What's the first thing Drew Barrymore does after a breakup? "Head straight for the carbs. Macaroni and cheese. Kraft. Deluxe. The kind with the cheese you squeeze out of a bag that takes at least a month to pass through your body."[JustJared]
  • Artist Shepard Fairey, perhaps best known for his iconic Obama campaign posters, was arrested in Boston for "tagging property." [MSNBC]
  • After 15 months in court, Eddie Murphy has agreed to pay roughly 10 million dollars in child support to "Scary Spice" Mel B, as well as visit the daughter he now accepts as his own, Angel Iris. [DailyMail]
  • Dave Grohl has come out in support of gay marriage: "Anybody know about" Grohl asked on the red carpet of Friday's MusiCares benefit, "You know what that's about? It's I believe in love and I believe in equality and I believe in marriage equality."[E!]
  • Director McG has spoken up about the Christian Bale trainwreck: "The film set is a passionate place, and it happens," McG says, "There was no version of, 'Oh, Christian is going to whip his ass.' It was just sort of a blowup. We let it run its course, and it did. You obviously only get to hear the explicit parts." [People]
  • Apparently Dodai didn't suffer alone at the movies on Friday: He's Just Not That Into You led the Friday box office with 10.6 million dollars. [EW]
  • "(Young women) look at all of us, myself included, on these magazine covers and they think, "My God, how does she get skin like that?" And I can tell you, I have so many blemishes under this make-up that have been so fabulously covered, I promise you. I did realise a few years ago that no one actually talks about this retouching thing. It's like a secret or something. I'm damned if it's going to be a secret any more. I really want these young women to know we don't look like this."-Kate Winslet [DailyMail]
  • Angelina Jolie says that raising her kids is so time-consuming that she barely has time to get dressed. "We are having such a wonderful time raising our children together and there is a lot of love in our home. I feel very lucky," Jolie says, though the craziness of raising so many kids means she's "been home for the last year so I spend a lot of time just watching TV and I tend to be in pajamas." That's what I'm doing RIGHT NOW! Except for the kids part. But still, you guys. Clearly I am just like Angelina Jolie. I wonder if she eats Eggo waffles for breakfast, too? [ShowbizSpy]

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