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Get Ready For A Robot Picnic

Illustration for article titled Get Ready For A Robot Picnic

Dana Zemack has been making stick figure comics since she was 12. This week, she made one just for us.


It's great to have a robot friend in case you don't want to be near people but still want a friend. But what if you get hungry? It's a real problem. With that in mind, this week I was very happy to learn that robots can now not only be our friends, but can make us sandwiches at the same time. I predict that soon enough, they'll also be able to eat them with us, and robot picnics will ensue.

Watch robots James and Rosie make us lunch here.

See all of Dana's stick figures at Or follow her on Twitter.

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Maybe it's me....maybe I just don't get it or am missing something....but I just can't get into these stick figure posts.