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The critically acclaimed horror film Get Out by Jordan Peele is also doing incredibly at the box office. This past weekend it crossed the $100 million mark, which is a pretty big deal.


The film was made for only $5 million, according to The Huffington Post, and the weekend’s sales of $21 million brought Get Out’s total to $111.1 million. It’s only the second non-franchise film to do so this year, which is pretty amazing when you think about all the Marvel and D.C. movies out there clogging the pipeline. Jordan Peele is celebrating on Twitter:


And also doling out some terrifying advice:

This was only the third weekend that Get Out has been in theaters, which makes it the fastest ever earner for Blumhouse, a production company that focuses on the horror genre and is also responsible for the Insidious and Paranormal Activity franchises. The movie’s commentary on the “post-racial lie” as told through the relationship between a black man and his white girlfriend and her family has elevated it far above the usual thrills and chills, and it’s showing in $$$.

Side note: While checking in on Jordan Peele’s response to this excellent news I noticed his Instagram is currently filled with fan illustrations of Get Out’s protagonist Chris being hypnotized.


You know you’ve touched someone when they paint your work on their wall.

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