Get Lei'd With Obama • Restaurant Encourages Sex In Bathrooms

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• Here's another piece of plastic junk to add to your political dolls collection: The Obama Aloha Bobblehead dolls, for sale in Hawaii. Creepy, and useless! •


Women who survive cancer are more likely to experience health problems late in life than their male counterparts, a new study reveals. The article, titled "Health and Well-Being in Older Married Female Cancer Survivors," indicates that women over the age of 50 tend to report fatigue, physical limitations, and more frequent visits to the doctor than men. • "Baby brain" is a myth, reports the BBC. Apparently, expecting moms don't really experience memory lapse or concentration problems and if they do, it's probably a result of being distracted. The phenomenon, also hilariously called "placenta brain," is being decried as a fallacy, and researchers urge doctors to help dispel the myth. • Researchers from the Children's National Medical Center have made a major breakthrough in figuring out what causes SIDS. After studying the autopsies of 35 infants, they found that SIDS-babies were more likely to have low levels of serotonin than the control group. • A Picasso masterpiece, titled "Tete de Femme," has just sold for £8.1 million, which was more than twice its expected price. Christie's also auctioned off paintings by Renoir and Matisse, and together the works raised a nearly £77 million. • A male cheerleader is steamed that he doesn't get to do the same kicks and dance moves as the ladies. The high schooler's mother says he is upset about the discrimination, and that "the combination of a bi-racial, mentally challenged gay male may be too much for [school officials]" • It looks like we're going to have to wait a little longer to read Rachel Maddow's first book. The political publication will hopefully be available by the end of the year. • Maria Fernanda Valencia, a former Colombian television presenter and political pundit, has vowed to pose nude if she's elected to the Colombian House of Representatives. That's one way to get into office. • A female sailor was could be awarded an amount equivalent to 10 years' pay - if her lawsuit against the Royal Navy goes smoothly. Jacqueline Cartner claims she was passed over for promotions due to sexism and discrimination against her "non-seagoing status." • A UK school has fired one of their teachers following reports that her excessive bullying may have contributed to the death of 29-year-old bulimic teacher Britt Pilton. • And to brighten up your humpday, here's a picture of first dog Bo frolicking in the snow. It's a little dark, but you get the gist of it. • A Toronto restaurant is not just tolerating bathroom sex - they're actually encouraging it! Mildred's Temple Kitchen (can you think of a less sexy name?) has announced a Valentine's Day promotion, which invites customers to go at it in the unisex stalls. However, some are naturally a little worried about the cleanliness of this type of tryst. • A new procedure may make it possible for young women with cancer to retain their fertility after the cancer has been eradicated. Doctors believe that through removing and freezing the ovary, woman may be able to become pregnant 5 to 10 years after surviving hormone-dependent cancer. • With a $15 million-a-year salary, Katie Couric is probably the highest paid news anchor. But that could change when her contract runs out next year. "I would be flabbergasted if she didn't take a pay cut," said a source close to Couric. CBS News President Sean McManus is denying the rumor. "I have not had any thought to change Katie's role, Katie's salary, anything to do with it," he said. • Here former Jezebel Megan Carpentier explains what women will gain from President Obama's budget proposal for 2011. She writes: "If a budget is the ultimate statement of values, the Obama Administration deserves some good marks for attending to women's needs in an austere time." • A Canadian family assumed their cat Tiger Lily was dead after she disappeared in 1996 at the age of three, but she was returned to the family recently after an animal shelter matched a serial number tattooed on the cat to the family's old address. She was underweight, but otherwise healthy. • At the Nuremberg toy fair Mattel unveiled a Kim Clijsters' Barbie doll, which is (somewhat shockingly) the first Barbie to commemorate a female athlete. Mattel also made a doll of the U.S. Open winner's daughter Jada. "She is a reflection of today's women who manage successful careers while enjoying their families and celebrating motherhood," said Barbie International executive Rosa Zeegers. •


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I don't even like to go to the bathroom in public bathrooms, there is no way in hell i'm going to screw in one. Nothing sounds less sexy or romantic to me.